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Summer Series 2020


Please ensure you and your crew comply with the following for all Summer Series races or until the government has lifted all relevant regulations with regard to social distancing and prohibition on gatherings:

  • All current HK Government Social Distancing rules apply for the embarkation and disembarkation at ABC, other HK Sailing clubs or any other locations.
  • FEHD has recommended a maximum of X 8 crew per boat.
  • All Yachts must disperse when they finish the race.
  • No destination will be specified but if boats then choose to eat at a local restaurant in the vicinity, they do so at their own choice - Again please follow current HK social distancing rules.
  • There will be no prize giving and the race results will be posted online, post-race.

Race Dates: 

Race Date Start Line Location * Provisional Results
1 10 May  Round Island Start Line Race 1
2 31 May    
3 14 June    
4 28 June    
5 12 July    
6 26 July    
7 23 August    

*Start Line Location to be announced by 09:00am on the day of the race.


Online Registration

1. Notice of Race

2. Standard Sailing Instructions

3. Provisional Entry List with divisional splits

4. Notice to Competitors # 1