Stand Up Paddle Board

ABC has a number of Stand Up Paddle Boards ("SUP") for hire, in three sizes 9'4, 10'4 and 11 '6 in length
(We also have junior inflatible boards for young children, but these are not normally available for hire) 
To see photos of the ABC Boards and paddlers in action, look HERE

To hire a board and paddle, ABC members must be adults or tennagers aged 12-18 and be on the SUP Permitted Hiring List.

To be added to the hiring list, members must first attend a Stand Up
Paddle Board Familiarisation Session. The introductory session lasts around 2 hours and will cover:

  • Equipment storage and care;
  • Basic Paddling Techniques;
  • Safety
  • A short instructional video is included.

(Note these sessions are not formal courses, there is no assessment
or pass / fail, they are simply to introduce the ABC equipment and equipment care, storage, safety guidelines and basic techniques)

Having completed the introductory session, members
may apply to be on the SUP Hiring List HERE

SUP Hire charges may be found HERE

Safety First

Hirer's of ABC Stand Up Paddle Boards:

  • Must always wear a buoyancy aid or PFD
  • Should always wear the supplied safety leash
  • Should take with them a mobile phone in a waterproof
    case and a whistle                                                                                     (Click above map for larger version, 1.6 Mb)
  • Must be aware of the importance of paddling upwind first
  • Should stay within sight of the ABC MI Clubhouse (area 1 on the above map) unless they have informed on duty staff of their intention to paddle into Area 2, ie outside Middle Island.