The ABC Summer Series (aka the Restaurant Series) comprises six races taking place on alternate Sundays in June, July and August each year. About 20 boats take part, with over 100 individual participants. Most of the courses are designed to finish near a seafood restaurant on one of the outlying islands, so that the crews can go ashore to enjoy a well earned lunch and exchange some good natured banter. Some of the courses finish at the club’s Middle Island Clubhouse, where a buffet lunch or barbeque is provided. This is popular with families and friends who can meet there after the race and hear how those precious minutes could have been saved!

This event has a bigger social component than the club's Championship Series but it’s just as competitive and everyone competes in one division, on a time adjustment handicap system. There is an individual prize for each race and an overall trophy for the series winner, based on the best five results from the six races. The prizes are presented at the club’s annual prize giving party in May each year.

Every race is actively promoted by the club and this is another first class opportunity for a series sponsor to obtain widespread publicity, throughout the summer season.

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