Annual Events & General Information

The Aberdeen Boat Club runs three special annual events, the Opening Regatta, the Four Peaks Race, and the Classic Yacht Rally. In addition, it organizes two major race series: the Waglan Series (Autumn / Winter) and the Summer Series (Spring / Summer). These are all governed by the latest edition of the Standard Sailing Instructions available below. There are Notices of Race and Sailing Instructions for individual races as well.

Companies are most welcome to sponsor these events. Brief details are below with links to complete information. You can find the latest ABC Sailing Calendar below. You will find more details here on the club website, in the newsletter and 'Horizons' magazine. Information is also posted on the websites and in newsletters of all the other Hong Kong sailing organizations.

For more information or further assistance, please contact Tel: 2552 8182      


ABC Sailing Calendar 2021-2022

Import Yact Racing Events to Calendar:

  • Download this CSV file --> Calendar CSV File
  • Open Google Calendar.
  • At the top right, click Settings > Settings.
  • At the left, click Import & Export.
  • Click Select file from your computer and select the “.csv” file
  • Choose which calendar to add the imported events to. 
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ABC Four Peaks Race

This overnight challenge involves an exciting combination of sailing, paddling and running. An iconic event for local and overseas sportsmen and women, this is a fantastic opportunity to take part in, or sponsor, a unique multisport experience. There are many special running prizes as well as sailing trophies. More> 

ABC Waglan Series

The annual Championship Series consists of ten races between October and March. Eight island races are complimented by four geometric course races. Boats compete under IRC and HKPN.  More >

Classic Yacht Rally

This 2-days event in celebration of older and "classic-looking" craft will be held on 2 & 3 May 2020. Starting with a short Saturday afternoon sail and a party in the evening, it is completed by a leisure sail back to Middle Island on Sunday. Open to all boats, with prizes for those over 20 years old, Taipans, Cheoy Lees, Cape Caribs and other classics. More > .

Summer Series

The ABC Summer Series has six races on summer Sundays from late May to late August, all ending at island seafood restaurants or the Middle Island Clubhouse. If there is not much wind, sailing boats may even turn on their engines to get there in time! More >

Sunseeker Opening Regatta

The Sunseeker Opening Regatta will be held on 28 & 29 September 2019. This event has been generously sponsored by Sunseeker Asia for fifteen successive years. In the past years the event has attracted a large fleet of boats in all classes and sizes including cruisers and sportsboats. More>