2012 Four Peaks Race

2012 Four Peaks

Entry List

Division AI   

No. Boat Name Sail No
1 Kei Lun 1691
2 Wicked HKG2171
3 Taxi HKG1047
4 Brizo HKG2105
5 Red Kite II HKG2093
6 Black Jack HKG2121
7 Darling HKG2107
8 The Farr Side HKG254
9 Red Kite HKG2090
10 Circus USA50010
11 Legende 8235
12 Whiskey Jack HKG2102


Division AII    

No. Boat Name Sail No
1 Fuzzy Duck HKG1493
2 Tardis C2106


Division AIII

No. Boat Name Sail No
1 Sowulo HKG1080
2 ATE C1040

Division B   

No. Boat Name Sail No
1 Banter HKG2171
2 Koala HKG2359
3 Rhapsody 7845

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The next Four Peaks Race will be held on 4-5 February 2012. It’s a challenging overnight event which involves an exciting combination of sailing, paddling and running. Yachts in Divisions A and B start in Tai Tam Bay and sail around Hong Kong's islands. Runners from the boats climb some of the territory's tallest peaks to check in with volunteer peak controllers. The finish is between Middle Island and Round Island on the south side of Hong Kong.

Everyone prepares very thoroughly for this endurance race and many teams train together for weeks. It’s a tough test of equipment, sailing skills and mountain trail running. Stamina and tactics play a big part and those who put everything together on the day win the trophies.

This unique sporting challenge is considered one of the most testing competitions in the region. It requires the highest levels of fitness and sailing ability from the competitors and the best of race stewarding and safety management from the organizers.

The Aberdeen Boat Club is proud to have initiated the Four Peaks race and to have been organizing it successfully every year since 1985. It offers a great opportunity for a prestigious sponsor to be associated with a top class sporting event.


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