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PVOCC Courses

ABC regularly hosts courses working towards the Hong Kong Pleasure Vessel Operators Certificate of Competence. (PVOCC). This is the Government issued certificate required to drive powered craft in Hong Kong waters. A  PVOCC Grade 2 certificate entitles the holder to take charge of pleasure vessels of 15 metres or less in length and unspecified engine power, operating in Hong Kong waters. A PVOCC Grade 1 entitles the holder to take charge of any pleasure vessel operating in Hong Kong waters.

Next Pleasure Vessel Operator Certificate of Competence (Grade II) Courses are scheduled as follows
(Part A Master, Part B Engineer):

Part A (Master)

Dates :   20, 21 April 2023       17, 18 August 2023      16, 17 November 2023 Times :   7:00pm to 10:30pm

Syllabus : Rules, Lights, Shapes, Buoyage and Signals, Seamanship, Local knowledge and the Laws of
Hong Kong Fire & gas precautions.

Cost :   $2,200 for member/person/course.    $2,800 for non-member/person/course.

Part B (Engineer)

Date :    27, 28 April 2023        24, 25 August 2023     23, 24 November 2023 Time :   7:00pm to 10:30pm

Syllabus : Engine general construction,  Diesel & Petrol fuel,  fuel systems, electrical systems,
ignition systems, Lubrication, cooling & pumps, transmission systems, operation & maintenance, fire
& gas precautions.

Cost :   $2,200 for member/person/course.    $2,800 for non-member/person/course.

Notes :

  1. Students who attend these two courses will be required to sit their examinations at the H.K. Marine Dept. after completion of the course. Successful candidates will be entitled to operate a vessel in Hong Kong waters up to 15 metres in length with engines of any power.

  2. Courses are entirely theoretical for the relative exam. Practical boating is not required for the examination.

  3. Examinations are normally held on selected Thursdays, you may register your exams. to the Marine Dept. by post or in person. Document required for the examination application:- a ready examination application form, one photo, a copy of your identity document, Eye-sight exam. Report from a registered doctor or Part I or Part II Registered Optometrist., examination fee HK$1,255, cheque payable to "The "Government of the HKSAR" (Candidate must take both Part A (master) & Part B (engineer) exam together in the first attempt). There will be a minimum of 5 students and a maximum of 20 students/course. If there is insufficient support for a course, that course will be cancelled and those already enrolled will be informed accordingly. Members who responded to the initial inquiry and whose names are held on file will be given priority.

  4. Course Instructor: Alan Chau.

  5. Please forward the completed application form(s) to Ms Cobo Liu by email or by post or hand to the Admin Office of the Club.

  6. Website information for apply the exam. in the Marine Dept.

Website for Exam Date:

(Please book your exams. earlier, the suggest exam. date is 6 – 8 weeks from the date the 1st part of the course is attended.)

Examination Application:

Eyesight Exam. Report: Online application:

The address of the Marine Dept.: Seafarers’ Certification Section Marine Department, 3/F Harbour Building, 38 Pier Road, Central, HK.

Tel. no. # 2852 4941 Fax. no. # 2541 6754

Please click HERE to download the APPLICATION FORM.

All ABC hosted courses include course notes, teaching materials and practice exam questions. However we also sell, at our reception shop, the PVOCC Handbook, that covers the syllabus for both Grade 2 and Grade 1 exams.

Full information from the Hong Kong Marine Department Seafarers' Certification Section, including a schedulee of the latest available exam dates, is available HERE.