General Committee Members for 2023-2024:

Flag Officers for 2023-2024

The Flag Officers (FO) are elected from the General Committee members for a term of two years.  The FO are responsible for policy making and strategy and are guardians of the Club’s ethos.  They represent the Club in public affairs and chair the sub-committees of the Club.  The Honorary Treasurer and Honorary General Secretary are technical positions and they are responsible for accounting and legal functions.

General Committee

The General Committee is the Board of Directors of the Aberdeen Boat Club.  It is here that major decisions are made.  The General Committee comprise 6 Flag Officers and 11 other members who are elected at the Annual General Meeting for terms of 2 years.

The Commodore is the Chairman of the General Committee.  Members of the General Committee are expected to undertake various tasks and accept appointments to sub-committees.  In addition, each sub-committee may co-opt lay members to their meetings as they see fit.

The function of the General Committee is to ensure the efficient management of the general affairs of the Club as provided for under the Memorandum and Articles of Association.

Members for the year 2023 / 2024

Flag Officers

Chris Pooley 
Commodore (Chairman)

GC member since 2008

Barry Hill
Vice Commodore

GC member since 1999

Graham Price
Rear Commodore
(House and Building)

GC member since 2011


Stephen Perret

(Rear Commodore Sailing)

GC member since 2016

James Smith
Honorary Treasurer

GC member since 2014

Christopher Tung
Honorary General Secretary

GC member since 2021

other general committee members

John Berry

GC member since 1990

James Ross

GC member since 2009


George Doyle

GC member since 2022



Alan Child

GC member since 2011

Martin Ganz

GC member since 2019

Eric Tang

GC member since 2014


Ian Skeggs

GC member since 2015

Terence O’Hoy

GC member since 2022


Nicholas Bodnar-Horvath

GC member since 1996


Andrew Burgin

GC member since 2024


Felix Mak

GC member since 2022


John Currie

GC member since 2023



Sailing and Marine Committee & Dinghy sub-committee

The Sailing and Marine Committee is chaired by the Rear Commodore (Sailing). Members of this committee plan and organise all of the Club’s races and training courses, liaise with other clubs and organisations for external events, monitor our Club boats and ferry services, and are responsible for ongoing maintenance and development of our sailing and marine facilities and services.

  • Stephen Perret (Chairman)
  • Chris Pooley
  • Ian Skeggs
  • John Berry
  • Christopher Tung
  • Andrew Burgin (Advisory Member)
  • Gideon Mowser (Advisory Member)
  • James Barker (Advisory Member)
House and Building Committee

The House and Building Committee is chaired by the Rear Commodore (House) and deals with all issues involving the Club’s non-marine facilities and services. These include all aspects of building maintenance, house keeping, facilities up-keeping (swimming pool, gym, playground, DVD, etc). The committee also oversees all food and beverage matters and social events of the Club.

  • Graham Price (Chairman)
  • Chris Pooley
  • George Doyle
  • James Ross
  • James Smith
  • Martin Ganz
  • Christopher Tung
  • David Rees (Advisory Member)

Refit Subcommittee

  • Graham Price
  • James Ross
  • George Doyle
  • Martin Ganz
  • David Rees (Advisory Member)
  • Anna Rees (Advisory Member)

IT Subcommittee

  • Graham Price
  • James Ross
  • Sunil Talwar (Advisory Member)
  • Tyron Truong (Advisory Member)


Development Committee

The ABC Development Committee is chaired this year by an elected member of the committee and is responsible for ensuring a sustainable improvement of the facilities of the Club Main Clubhouse and Middle Island.

  • Barry Hill (Chairman)
  • Alan Child
  • Chris Pooley
  • Eric Tang
  • John Berry

Advisory Members

  • Paul Scroggie


ABC Membership committee

  • Nicholas Bodnar-Horvath (Chairman)
  • Christopher Pooley
  • John Berry
  • Felix Mak
ABC Staff Committee

The ABC Staff Committee is looking at any related business and issues for staffing and human resources.

  • James Ross (Chairman)
  • Nick Bodnar-Horvath               
  • Christopher Pooley        
  • Terence O'Hoy