The Club has limited berthing and mooring facilities available for visitors and cannot guarantee a space; therefore prior enquiry on availability is essential and should be made through the marine office at marinecoord@abclubhk.com and addressed to the Marine Services Manager.

Boat Size Duration Charge
Up to 11 M Max, 3 Months $2,250
From 11M to 14P Max 3 Months $2,568
From 14M to 16M Max 3 Months $2.880
Temperary Berthing for Members Per Day $23 per meter
Temperary Berthing for Non-Members Per Day $37 per meter


NEW ABC Pontoon Usage & Label System

A review of our Marine Assets

Under the auspices of your Sailing & Marine Committee it was decided to set up a Marine Assets Sub Committee to look at all of our Marine Assets in June 2020. Marine Assets include boats (Committee Boats, Ferries, Ribs & Dinghies), moorings, pontoons, related fittings and equipment (Assets), and how they are maintained/repaired and financed. It is in every Members interest that our Assets are looked after and maintained to the highest standards.  On this basis we stripped down and consolidated all information relating to one of our greatest Assets and that being our Pontoons at Middle Island and the Main Clubhouse. Our Main Pontoon in particular is among the most popular and convenient in Hong Kong - hence the steadily growing demand and usage.

Upkeep of the Main Clubhouse and Middle Island Pontoons

Our Pontoon assets currently cost us an average of HK$500K a year to keep in good condition with constant maintenance and repair and annual Marine Dept surveys to provide for a fully operational and safe platform for all members, boats and guests.  Over the past few years the cost has been steadily rising mostly due to wear and tear, collision damage caused by heavy use, increasing size of boats up to 100ft and the seasonal increase of insurance premiums for damage caused by larger typhoons due to their size and intensity. Footfall has also greatly increased due to the success of Middle Island.

Boat Label charges to increase and new Pontoon Usage & Label System.

While the current boat label at HK$450 HKD has been in place for many years, this nowhere near covers the rising annual Repair & Maintenance costs of HK$500K with local inflation.  Your Marine & Sailing Committee has therefore after much research and work over a number of months has now received approval from your General Committee to provide a new Pontoon Usage & Label System and increase the boat fees to run parallel with this now growing usage and demand. This new charge will be covered by a sliding scale curve of charges with the rationale that the Length over All (LOA)/tonnage of a vessel are charged on a sliding scale, which is the global standard, due to the rise in trend of popularity for larger boats here in HK. We have spent a large amount of time calculating and debating this curve. The rationale behind this being the bulk of boats fall into the middle section of the curve and the values attached to such, both to reach our target and keep the pricing sensible and fair for all members.

Boat Label Charge - Linear Curve

Table of Boat Charges - LOA


It has also been agreed that the overall annual maintenance cost of the Pontoons should be split 75% to boat owners and 25% by general club finances. 

When a member would require a boat label:

The definition of boat owners being Club Members who want (you can elect not to purchase this label by not using the club Pontoons) to use the Pontoons at either the Main Club House or Middle Island Clubhouse, whether you are a Club Mooring Holder or not.

The boat types will range from individual small tenders to owners of large super yachts.

The new Pontoon Usage & Label System will now be the same for all Club Members and stipulate new rules and conditions including but not limited to:

  1. Boats will be allowed to berth for embarking/disembarking/loading purposes only on the main club pontoon, with permission required from the Marine Services Manager or General Manager for extended Repair & Maintenance or overnight stays.
  2. Tenders of size 4m or below, please refer to the addendum to this document.
  3. Berthing for up to 12 hours on a daily basis on the finger pontoons at MI, with no overnight stays, unless permission has been received for an extended period of stay or emergency repair and maintenance. Overnight stays at Middle Island are allowed with the permission of the General Manager or Marine Services Manager.
  4. The main club Middle Island pontoon is for embarking, disembarking and loading only. However short stays are allowed Tuesday through Thursday only, but must not impede berthing of the Middle Island Ferry.

All previous rules and conditions are superseded for all current boat & tender labels. An information sheet containing the new terms & conditions for the new Pontoon Usage and Boat label will be listed in the 2021 Boat Label application form when you apply.

Implementation & Application:

1st April 2021 - All new boat labels will be required and must be displayed to use the Club Pontoons. All boats must comply, regardless of size or use.

New ABC Pontoon Usage & Label System - Addendum for issue to all Members - 25th March 2021

Dear Members 

After a two week consultation period with your fellow members who wrote to us to provide their views and feedback on the new pontoon usage and label system, which was much appreciated, we are issuing the below addendum to this system which was issued to all members on the 17th February 2021. This addendum incorporates helpful suggestions and ideas from our members, and covers the berthing of small boats (tenders) up to a maximum 4m in length at the Main Club Pontoon.  As previously mentioned, the former rules, labels and waiting list for these tenders have now been superseded. 

Small Boat (Tenders) Main Pontoon berthing Area Policy

All small boats (tenders) up to a maximum 4m in length which hold a valid “New” Boat Label.  From 1 April 2021 

All tenders will now only be berthed at the Public Sampan Pier end (Eastern end) of the Main Pontoon. This area will be identified with a marked border. The former AMC/ Western end is now reserved for Club use.

Number of places and method of berthing
There will be a limit of eight places available at one time.
All bows to pontoon cleats.

Berthing times
Berthing only Monday to Friday.
From 06:00 to 18:00.
Three hours max per stay only.
No berthing Weekends and Public Holidays.
After 18:00 to 06:00 no restrictions all week and weekends in the marked space. This space must be cleared, especially at weekends, by 06:00.  

Record of use
Members to enter name, membership number and arrival time in a record schedule on a clip board on the pontoon wall.

All other Terms of the new pontoon usage and label system which was issued to all members on the 17th February 2021 remain unchanged.

The operation of this new policy will be monitored and reviewed on a regular basis.
This new area is close to the public sampan steps, which must not be obstructed at any time.  

In parallel and in consultation with you, the club will continue to look into new policy ideas, including those suggested by members. These can then be implemented in a balanced manner provided they will bring broad benefits to our general membership of water users. 

Middle Island Pontoon Allocation for Special Events

During major Regattas and social events some or all of the pontoon space at Middle Island shall be designated as reserved for competitors, sponsors or other visitors at the Sailing Committee's discretion. During this time members shall be requested to keep all designated pontoons free as required, apart from shortterm coming alongside for embarkation/disembarkation.
The General Committee may levy appropriate penalties for improper use of the pontoons.

Middle Island Pontoon - Typhoon Precaution Procedures