Application Process

Letter - Building Development Levy, 26th October 2021  

The Aberdeen Boat Club welcomes new members. In order to become a member of the club, follow the following procedure:

  • Download an application form listed in Membership Application Form below or call our Membership Service Manager, Cobo Liu on 2553 3032 for an application form.
  • Fill up the form and return to us with your ID copy. (it is required to find a proposer and a seconder.)

The General Committee Members will review all applications and invite those candidates who fulfill the Club membership requirement for an interview. After the interview those successful candidates will receive a confirmation letter within 2 weeks.  If you have not received the letter after 2 weeks, you may assume that you will be on the waiting list.

The whole process takes about two to three months time.


The club offers a number of different types of memberships to suit different application criteria. A summary of different membership types is listed below with further details of each outlined in the section following the summary.

Type Individual /Corporate Age Group Entrance Fees Monthly Subscriptions Minimum Food & Beverage $350 per month Application Form
Debenture Corporate - $1,000,000 $1,550 each subscriber
(For 4 members)
Nominee Corporate - $350,000 $1,550 each subscriber Applicable

1.Nominee Form

Ordinary Individual >21 Years Not Applicable $1,550 Applicable




Application Form

Young Associate

>18 Years

See Details

See Details

Not Applicable          
Short Term Individual >21 Years $47,000 (2 years) $1,550 Applicable
Weekday Individual >18 Years $40,000 $880 Applicable
Legacy Individual >18 Years $15,000 $1,550 Applicable
Youth Membership Scheme   

- Cadet




9-17 Years






Not Applicable


Application Form

- Senior Cadet
- Junior
- Young Member
18-21 Years
22-25 Years
26-29 Years

Application Form



Membership Related Forms & Information

Temporary Membership (Relatives) Form

Temporary Membership (Visiting Yachtsman) Form

Direct Debit Form

Life Absent Membership Application Form


Boat Label Application Form

Car Park Permit Application 2023

Aberdeen Boat Club Price List 2023


Public Access Information


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