Nominee (Corporate)

The joining fee for nominee membership is HK$ 404,000. This is a one-off payment and it is not refundable.

A person, company, firm or business may apply for a Nominee Membership.  On being granted membership the holder of a Nominee Membership should nominate one member of its staff (together with spouse and children under 18 years of age) to use the facilities of the Club, known as the Nominee Subscriber.  The Subscriber must pay the monthly charge.

When a Nominee Member wishes to change its Nominee Subscriber it is required to inform the Club in writing, giving details of the new subscriber.  It should be enclosed a cheque for the re-nomination fee with an application form. If a Nominee Member does not nominate a member of its staff to use the facilities of the Club, then the Nominee Member must itself pay the normal monthly subscription and charges until such time as nomination is made, although a three-month grace period may be applied for.

Nominee Memberships may also be available by transfer from existing Nominee Members.  When agreement between both parties has been reached, the applicant must complete a Nominee Membership application form and submit it to the Club.  The existing Nominee Member should also notify the Club, in writing, of its wish to transfer its membership and give details of the applicant.  With the approval of the General Committee a payment to the Club of a transfer fee to such amount as may be determined by the General Committee must be paid.

Nominee Application Form

Nominee Subscriber Form