ABC's Golf Society - Golf Day 2016

The Membership Fee for 2016 is HK$600

ABC Golf Society is now linked with the WAGS, please download the calendar in the link: WAGS Competition Calendar 2015 - 2016

To enquire about joining WAGS, please e-mail Mr. Brian Moss at

Golf Day - 2016

  1. Friday – Mar 11 – Kau Sai Chau East
    ( Join WAGS for a 2-man scramble game )

  2. Friday – Apr 22 – Deep Water Bay 
    ( ABC only – net score on handicap ) 

  3. Monday – May 30 – Deep Water Bay  
    ( ABC Vs HK Seniors – New Challenge )

  4. Friday – June 17 – Kau Sai Chau South   Results & Photos
    ( Challenge ABC Vs FCC team stableford )

  5. Monday – Aug 29 – Deep Water Bay  Results
    ( ABC Vs HK Seniors – the revenge )

  6. Thursday – Sep 15 – Kau Sai Chau East
    ( Join WAGS for multiple mulligan games )

  7. Friday – Sep 30 – Deep Water Bay Results  
    ( Challenge ABC Vs FCC team stableford )

  8. Friday – Nov 4 – Kau Sai Chau South Course
  9. Friday – Dec 2 – Kau Sai Chau East
    ( Join WAGS for Annual Charity Day team scramble )

For enquiry or registration, please e-mail Selina at

  • to invite all levels of players to have a good day out and lots of fun playing the game of golf.
  • to be mainly for the promotion of Golf within the Aberdeen Boat Club membership.
  • to facilitate exchanges between Members who, without this activity, will never have had an opportunity to meet.
  • to always keep a friendly approach toward the game, its organization and the services provided.                               


















Membership and Fees

 - Membership

lt has been recognised that various needs and levels of interested players would require different type of services. In this sense, three levels of membership have now been officially created to cater to our captive audience. The membership structure is therefore proposed as follows:

- Fees

i)       The Golf Society Membership : Members will be charged an annual fee of HK$600. This will include all administration fees for the year and the access to prizes.

ii)      The Guest or Visitor : This is for non-society members who will be joining our tournament only after all our Members have had a chance to register first. Visiting players will be charged an extra 15% on top of the regular green fee.

All these structural regulation are valid during the first year of the Society and may be reviewed from time to time by the Society Committee.


Past Golf Days

27 November 2015     East Course, Kau Sai Chau                       Details click HERE

20 November 2015     Deep Water Bay Golf Club tee off 8:24        Details click HERE

18 September 2015    Kau Sai Chau                                           Details click HERE

19 June 2015             Airport Sky City       

21 November 2014     Deep Water Bay Golf Club tee of 9:30         Details click HERE

15 January 2014        Deep Water Bay Golf Club tee off 9:30        Photo click HERE

8 March 2013            Deep Water Bay Golf Club tee off 9:30        Detail click HERE / Photos click HERE 

29 October 2012        Kau Sai Chau  

13 June 2012             Deep Water Bay Golf Club tee off 9:30