ABC Sunseeker Opening Regatta 2011

ABC Sunseeker Opening Regatta 2011

3rd & 4th September 2011

ABC Sunseeker Opening Regatta 2011 Results :  

Cruisers  NEW

Dinghies NEW

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  • Opening Regatta Class Splits HERE [PDF, 10KB]  
  • Cruiser - Sailing Instructions HERE [PDF, 112KB]
  • L-Notice 1 HERE [PDF, 81KB]
  • Notice to Competitors 1 HERE [PDF, 14KB]
  • Notice to Competitors 2 HERE [PDF, 45KB] 
  • SI Amendment 1 (L-Notice 2) HERE [PDF, 89KB]
  • Notice of Race HERE [PDF, 377KB]
  • Entry Form HERE [PDF, 67KB]
  • Skipper Declaration HERE [PDF, 66KB]
  • PIPS Declaration HERE [PDF, 131KB]  
  • Berthing Arrangement HERE [PDF, 28KB]


  • Provisional Results will be published HERE
  • Dinghy - Sailing Instructions HERE [PDF, 356KB]
  • Dinghy L-Notice 1 HERE [PDF, 47KB] 
  • Dinghy L-Notice 2 HERE [PDF, 213KB]
  • Notice of Race HERE [PDF, 377KB]
  • Entry Form HERE [PDF, 67KB]
  • Skipper Declaration HERE [PDF, 66KB]
  • Dinghies Entry List HERE [PDF, 30KB]     
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(Please also download and fill out the Skipper Declaration & PIPS Declaration form, and fax to 2873 2945)   

Commodore's message

On behalf of Aberdeen Boat Club I would like to extend a sincere welcome to all competitors participating in the 2011 Sunseeker Opening Regatta. The Club is proud to be celebrating the 33rd anniversary of staging this premier Hong Kong sailing event which appeals to a broad range of craft from the smallest dinghies to state of the art racing yachts.  The event has been generously sponsored by Sunseeker Asia for the ninth year in succession and I wish to thank Gordon Hui, Managing Director of Sunseeker in Hong Kong, for his continued support and involvement. 

May I wish you a safe and enjoyable regatta. 

Barry Hill
Aberdeen Boat Club 

Entry List

Cruisers and Multihulls

No. Yacht Skipper's Name Sail No. Division
1 Intrigue Ian Nicholson HKG200 IRC
2 Talkinghead Tonny Chung HKG1995 IRC
3 Kei Lun Richard van den Berg 1691 IRC
4 Redeye Wayne Thompson HKG280 IRC
5 Rampage Denis Ma HKG1882 IRC
6 Surfdude Steve Ho HKG1345 IRC
7 Dexter I Eva Leung HKG2255 IRC
8 R. B. Cynthia Law HKG1030 IRC
9 Avant Garde Peter Leung HKG2047 IRC
10 Gambit K C Mowser 9935 IRC
11 Caviar Rex Tan / Eric Choi HKG716 IRC
12 Fox In Soxs Ben Lau HKG1649 IRC
13 Sell Side Dream Simon Powell HKG2298 IRC
14 Boss Hogg Francis Cheung/ Alan Tsang C1066 IRC
15 Cave Canem Simon Boyde HKG1092 IRC
16 Yacho O Gordon Tso HKG2110 IRC
17 Stella Roland Buser HKG2138 IRC
18 EFG Bank Mandrake  Nick Burns HKG2282 IRC
19 Authority Torben Kristensen HKG591 IRC
20 Impala 1 Gaston Chan HKG9546 IRC
21 Moll Philip Bowring 1045 IRC
22 Ambush A. Taylor HKG2208 IRC
23 GA  Arthur Ho 1135 HKPN
24 LA FOLIA   Josephine Cheng HKG10325 HKPN
25  No One Else   Emily Chan/ CY Shum HKG 1698 HKPN
26 Rhapsody  Ng Wing Hung HKG7845 HKPN
27 Thea  Stephen Vine HKG2066 HKPN
28 Poppytoo   Graham Price 8001 HKPN
29 Sirocco    Vic Locke HKG2210 HKPN
30 Darling   Dean Chisholm HKG2107 HKPN
31 Taka Rita    Bob Aylsworth HKG3745 HKPN
32 The Farr Side    John Berry 254 HKPN
33 Tuatahi    Philippe Grelon HKG2334 HKPN
34 Chasse-Spleen  Yann Bigotte HKG290 HKPN
35 Banter      Rob Sallons 2172 HKPN
36   Stephen Wallace 1145 Formula 18s
37 Wild Pussy Cat JC Broyelle 126 Formula 18s
38 The Black Pig Michael Scantlebury 1885 Formula 18s
39 Rum Tum Tugger Peter Davies 2356 Formula 18s
40 Skimmer Ed Tang 7765 Multihulls with no Accomodation
41 Jovie Ernest Lam 105152 Multihulls with no Accomodation
42 Curry Dog Brian Tsang 111635 Multihulls with no Accomodation
43 Rubber Duck Chan Kwok Hung 111832 Multihulls with no Accomodation
44 Espresso Davide Lentini 112291 Multihulls with no Accomodation
45   Ngai Kang Hui 110557 Multihulls with no Accomodation
46 Which Way Chris Steilberg 107918 Multihulls with no Accomodation
47 Bluefin      Tong Shing 112888 Multihulls with no Accomodation
48   Christian Wright 111599 Multihulls with no Accomodation
49   Alex Leung 7696 Multihulls with no Accomodation
50 Shoka Stefan Hengstmann 7180 Multihulls with no Accomodation
51   Sat Wei Ling 108582 Multihulls with no Accomodation
52   Gavin Sum 112211 Multihulls with no Accomodation
53   Lai Ka Fai 111706 Multihulls with no Accomodation
54   Tom Nunan 111488 Multihulls with no Accomodation
55   Ngai Yun Keung 109851 Multihulls with no Accomodation
56 Cat Eleven Gary Yuen 90766 Multihulls with no Accomodation
57 TAZ John Ashwood 112123 Multihulls with no Accomodation
58   TC Fung/ Joseph Shieh 112179 Multihulls with no Accomodation
59 Tigrina Andrew Moore/ Lionel Welch 2251 J/80
60 Jasmine Ben Bulmer 2256 J/80
61 Sea Biscuit David Fan 2232 J/80
62 FG3 SNG Davies 2265 J/80
63 Mozzie Sam Phillips/ Lucinda Ho 2259 J/80
64 May 13 Lonny Chen 2231 J/80
65 JeNa PaBe Ben Chong 2253 J/80
66 Invictus Eric Yeung HKG2236 J/80
67 Hakawati Dan Tullberg 2263 J/80
68 Lila Paul Lam 2239 J/80
69 Figure of Eight Sebastian Vong 2261 J/80
70 Jailbreaker Michael Tsui 1530 J/80
71 Alchemist Daniel Given 2262 J/80
72 Joss Rob Tanner 2237 J/80