29er Class Championships (2012)

The scheduled MARCH 2012 29er Nationals were abandoned due to lack of wind. The event is scheduled to be re-sailed as part of the 2012 ABC Southside Regatta 

Aberdeen Boat Club is proud to host the first ever Hong Kong 29er Class Championships, held on 17 & 18 March 2012

Re-sail of uncompleted races scheduled for 14 & 15 April 2012, see L Notice 3 below


          Notice of Race & Entry form is HERE



          L Notice 1 available HERE (16 March)

          L Notice 2 available HERE (17 March)

          L Notice 3 available HERE (6 April)

          L Notice 4 available HERE (14 April)

          Sailing Instructions are available HERE

          Results after day one are HERE

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 Entry List:

         Helm              Crew  

 Sail number    



 Cosmas Grelon                 Nathan Bradley                  HKG 1952             ABC            


 Peter Simpson  Louis Bond Smith  HKG 1947  ABC


 Akira Sakai  Lars Schkade  1  ABC / HHYC


 Henry Salmon  Aymeric Gillard  HKG 1948  RHKYC


 Joe Chan  Chris Chan  CHN 29  RHKYC


 Sophie Tulloch  Samuel McDonald  HKG 1925  RHKYC


 Florrie Manzoni  Isabel Tulloch  HKG 1951  RHKYC


 Campbell Manzoni  Sofia Marie Mascia  HKG 1949  RHKYC


 Cheung Mei Han  Rita Yau  1924  STA


 Sam Sakai   Andy Service    STA


 Don Whitcraft  Dylan Whitcraft  HKG 1926  Royal Varuna YC


 Campbell Manzoni  Louis Bond Smith  1926  RHKYC / ABC


 JG Brasier  Peter Simpson  HKG 1947  ABC


 Natalie Tsui  Leonardo Giustiniani  3  ABC


 Samuel McDonald  Willhelm Christensson  1925  RHKYC


Entries marked in red have indicated their intention not to continue sailing in the regatta on the re-sail dates.