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ABC Dinghy Sailing Teams 2019 Registration

Date: Monday, 8 April 2019 to Tuesday, 31 December 2019
Time: Whole Day

Date: 13th May to 31st December 2019

Please read all the information and fill in the online form below to complete the registration.

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Membership for ABC Dinghy Teams remains in force for a full 12 month calendar year. Team members may, however, pull-out or suspend membership from the team giving one month’s advance notice (particularly useful if going on holiday or during busy exam times).

We charge a set monthly fee for team membership. The 2019 fee is the same as last year; (our monthly fees have not been increased now for 7 years!)

We are presently offering 4 team options:

Optimist Training Squad: For those who wish to work towards full team membership or those who cannot sail regularly due to school or other commitments. Sailor's must have stage 3 Optimist or higher. Training is on Saturday Mornings

Optimist Team: Limited spaces are available on our successful club squad for those aged 9 – 14 who plan to compete across Hong Kong and possibly even overseas. Membership is by invitation only.

Double Handed Training: An ideal intermediate step for those who want to race but may not want to sail Optimists. For teenagers aged 12 and over, we focus on the RS Feva and Laser 2000, as ideal boats to improve skills and also have fun, for those very serious about their sailing these boats are also an ideal step towards sailing the High Performance 29er dinghy. Training is on Sundays.

High Performance Team: At ABC, the High Performance are our elite sailors, training mainly in our 29er dinghies, Nacra 15 and 49er. Membership is limited and by invitation only. A high level of commitment is required and the team is expected to attend several important overseas international events.

Adult Race Training: At ABC we upstand adults are getting more & more interested in Race training. Adult race training will be run mostly on Wednesday mornings & will look at focusing on 2 or 3 regattas a year. Adults must have HKSF level 1 & 2 or pervious experience and also must be interested in racing skills.

Team sessions will be cancelled if a Typhoon Signal No 3 is raised or a Red or Black Rainstorm warning is in force 1 hour before the course start time. All participants must wear buoyancy aids which are supplied by ABC. It is required that participants are able to swim and have confidence in the water. The sessions will still go ahead if the Thunderstorm Warning is issued, but on the water activities will of course not take place if there are any thunderstorms in the local area.

Please note that once your application has been registered you will be charged for at least 2 months, and payment is due monthly, in advance. You are advised to read the conditions and accompanying notes which are enclosed, particularly note the indemnity clause. Remember that the Club Coach may well offer extra dates for training and that on occasion regattas are postponed or dates moved. We will normally finish at Middle Island around 4.30pm, but note on race days this may be later.

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* Note for safety reasons we require telephone numbers that will be in use during the course time

********************************************************************************************************************************* Please note that refunds will not be available if you or your child does not attend paid-for sessions. We will charge a fixed monthly fee as stated. Extra sessions, in addition to those mentioned may be offered by the Coach, particularly during school holiday times. Team members may withdraw or suspend membership before the end of the year giving ONE MONTHS notice. Those who can supply their own boat qualify for a discount – contact us for details As part of the training, I understand that ABC may photograph participants sailing, and I agree that such photographs may be taken, and on occasion used to promote the courses and sailing activities within the Club. It is important that you notify us of any medical condition that may be relevant to your child’s attendance or any medication that he or she may need. This information will be treated in confidence: Normally, after activities we would like to stay in touch with you and sometimes send e-mails to let you know about other relevant courses and activities.

INDEMNITY: (To be filled in by Parent/ Guardian/ Above Mentioned Participant)