Adult Intermediate Sailing Courses

Refreshing your skills and going further

We now offer a broad range of courses, Supervised Sailing and sailing trips for adults who have already passed their beginners course, or who have some some basic sailing experience. Our sail training scheme is available for download by clicking HERE [PDF, 257KB] and it shows some of the activities we offer.

ABC Laser 2000 Courses

We particularly recommend our regular three-day Laser 2000 Courses, which are an ideal next step after a beginners course, or perfect for those who may not have sailed a dinghy for some time and want a quick refresher. Laser 2000s play a key role in our adult dinghy training and sailing, and here at ABC we think these boats are versatile and rewarding, accessible to those with limited sailing experience but still challenging and exciting when sailed at a higher level.
Applicants should hold HKSF Level 2 / equivalent qualification

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ABC Laser 2000 Sailing Trips

For those who have already passed their Level 2 and have been sailing for over 21 hours since, the sailing Trips are a great way to get more practice and sail away for lunch! Further Details are available on the application form, available HERE

Applicant should hold HKSF Level 2 + 18 hours after since

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Laser 1 Courses

The Laser 1 is the worlds most popular single-handed dinghy and an ideal step up for intermediate sailors wanting more of a challenge and even some competitive sailing.

Applicants should hold HKSF Level 2 / equivalent qualification

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Boat Handling

The course is designed to give you an opportunity to practice techniques introduced at Level 1 & 2 and learn new skills. You will build your confidence in sailing manoeuvres in different circumstances.

Applicants should hold HKSF Level 2  / equivalent qualification

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Adult HKSF Level 3 Improver Courses

Presently offerred only once a year, these courses are the next step up after completion of the Beginner Level 2 and Laser 2000 Courses. We follow the HKSF course outline and sail mainly in Laser 2000s and Laser 1s.
ABC schedules an Adult Level 3 every January. In addition, adults may join weekday youth Level 3 Courses.
To express interest in the next Adult Level 3 Course, complete the form HERE

Application should hold HKSF Level 2 qualification + 9 months after since + 60 hours of sailing experience after Level 2

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Introduction to Dinghy Racing

These one day sessions aim to cover basic racing techniques, introduce flags and basic rules, and they include guided participation into an ABC organised Club Dinghy Race.

Applicant should hold HKSF Level 2 + 18 hours after since

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Hiring a Boat

Members who pass the appropriate course or have dinghy sailing experience may be added to the club Approved Hirer’s List and are entitled to hire dinghies from our Middle Island sailing centre. For further information please check the Dinghy Hire section of this website.

Laser Pico

Laser 2000 / LDC 2000

Laser 1