Personal Training

Personal Training with Ben Higgins

Ben aims to create a relaxed but hard working environment in order for his clients to feel comfortable but also to be pushed in order to achieve their goals. 

Price: 800 a session (Negotiable depending on number of sessions)

Contact No: 94321731

Please contact Ben Higgins directly to arrange for the training lessons.


Biography of Ben Higgins:

Ben has been involved with personal training and strength and conditioning (S & C) for the best part of 5 years where he was the head of S & C Rugby at Exeter College and Swimming at Exeter University, where he studied sports science. During his time at the university, Ben also aided in the S & C of athletics, lacrosse and individual sports rehabilitation. 

Ben returned to Hong Kong after completing his degree at Exeter University in order to pursue his rugby career, where he is currently playing for the Hong Kong national XVs team whilst balancing the lifestyle of a personal trainer. Ben believes in the benefits of fitness and strength in order to aid in quality of life and as well as pursuing sporting and aesthetic goals.  



Training Coach: Ben Higgins