Message from Horizons magazine editor

Dear Member:

I’m David Lee of Link-up Design, now publisher of Horizons (since the Jul-Aug issue). I hope you like new look of the magazine; we’re working on more changes we hope will make it better for you, and would appreciate further feedback.

Also, I’d hugely appreciate contributions: like articles or photos - or, better still, articles illustrated with photos. Perhaps you can help?

There’s no need for the articles to be long; you could even send ”articles" like tweets or Facebook posts, or as captions to photos. And we’ll edit, so don’t worry too much about typos or grammatical bloopers.

There’s surely a wealth of possibilities for story ideas, ranging from recent news, through how-to guides, to travel stories and more. 

Maybe something like:
Worst storm I ever sailed through.
How I outpaced a typhoon (or got sideswiped by one).
Our best trip to the Philippines/Vietnam/Okinawa…
Advice on repairing a type of yacht.
How our race team fared.
Getting the most from sailing courses.
Best places to sail in Hong Kong.
The Racing Academy achieves again.
Winter is coming - where should you sail?
General article on the Club Life.

While for photos, it would be great to have some action shots - show what it’s like to be out at sea, maybe as the wind is blowing and you’re travelling at speed. Or boats at anchor, maybe as the sun sets and it’s a bucolic beer o’clock.

I hope you can indeed contribute; if so, please send photos and/or story ideas via Mr Philippe de Manny, General Manager of the Club ( As well as the chance to see your work and your name in Horizons, Mr de Manny may be able to provide a small reward by way of liquid refreshments together with hearty fare in a Club restaurant. 

Yours faithfully,