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Kenpo Karate

Kenpo Karate is an eclectic style of martial arts which incorporates classical Karate strikes, blocks and kicks with ground defense and grappling techniques. The integration provides the student with a balances and comprehensive array of solutions to life’s mishaps. The classes stress a non confrontational approach to life and serves to equip the students with good self esteem and discipline as well as an exceptional level of physical fitness. .

The class contains instruction as to the basic techniques, self defense patterns, Kata (Martial dance like routines) and sparring.  The practitioners must demonstrate a command of Kenpo Karate techniques and philosophy associated with their level and age to receive belt rank certification.   

Kenpo originated in China and was further developed in Japan and eventually came to its present form in developed countries. .

Sifu Thomas J. Hudak Jr. is a eighth Dan in Kenpo Karate and holds black belt rankings in three other styles of martial arts. He is a former USA State and National champion as well as a Hong Kong Champion in Kumite and Kata. He has instructed in Universities, schools and Police academies in several countries. He has been teaching in Hong Kong at several clubs and schools for over 23 years. His rank is recognized by the World Union Karate-do Organization as well as the Japanese Karate Association. His Sifu also resides in Hong Kong from the Jin Woo Kwoon, Sifu Martin Chan Chuk Sam. Tom is married with three children and is a Certified Public accountant.  

Classes Details:
Day & Time:
      Every Wednesday (5pm)
Price:     $110 per class ,  no age limits
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