Government Task Force on Land Supply

Dear Members ,

Government Task Force on Land Supply

In April Government held a Press Conference  to announce a 5 month Public Consultation period seeking views on 18 listed options to increase the land supply available for housing development . Land currently occupied by Private Clubs [PRL’s] and certain public service organisations is one of these options. That option was the specific subject of the recent briefing given by HAB to which ABC was invited along with all other PRL holders. That document was posted on ABC’s website in April and a Summary of its critical points and implications was sent to all members. The background to all of this is of course public concern and resentment at the shortage of housing in Hong Kong and its consequent high cost .

The new consultation document comprising 78 pages can be accessed on the Government website . No doubt printed copies can also be obtained from the Government bookshop. The section on PRL’s can be found on pages 45-50 . We also have 18 printed copies available in 1/F office for member to collect.                                                  

The General Committee is studying the detail and considering the potential implications for ABC and its members in parallel with the review of the HAB briefing. The implications potentially affect every individual member and the future of your Club itself.

Open Forum At Aberdeen Boat Club – 3/F Function Room – 24th May 7pm

To this end members are invited to attend an Open Forum to be held at the Club on   Thursday 24th May 7pm  

If unable to attend members may send in questions or suggestions by E mail for consideration by Gencom in compiling our eventual submission to HAB.

This land issue is of great importance to all members and the Club so your fulsome support to Gencom in our endeavours to present the case for recognition of the merits and benefits ABC offers for the development of waterborne sports and the community at large , would be greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely,
Chris Pooley