Typhoon Mangkhut Aftermath

Dear Members,

Typhoon Mangkhut Aftermath

Mangkhut is the Thai word for the very sweet fruit Mangosteen – an odd choice of name you might think for such word a destructive force of nature.

As usual ABC’s dedicated GM, House and Marine staff - and some members sleeping in the Clubhouse! - made thorough preparations ahead of the Typhoon’s arrival. These served well in the main Clubhouse as was evident from my guided inspection this morning. As well as for keelboats on the Club’s moorings in ATS and Middle Island with neither damage to moorings nor any loss of boats.

Sadly, this was not the case at Middle Island itself despite the best efforts of Marine Staff who did at least preserve all but one small section of pontoon. 

The Loss Adjuster joined the staff and myself halfway through the afternoon inspection of the damage. Not to mince words it is extensive. Full details will follow in due course but to summarize unemotionally:

- A number of dinghies are missing, mostly swept away by a dislodged pontoon from RHKYC.

- A number of others suffered damage either to rigging or worse to their hulls. Most of the major damage is to older craft.

- A junkyard would be a fair description of the state of the Clubhouse and related equipment trashed and scattered within and around. A telling illustration of the damage that can be wrought by hurricane force winds and a 3 metre storm surge. Much of the damage, - e.g. the main fridge smashed through the wall into the Ladies Changing Room; 200 kilo items of BBQ furniture thrown 20 metre - was from sea-water impact.

It is too early to offer any indications as to when MI will reopen for normal business. As a first move, with safety aforethought, the building - which has outside window frame distortions and internal wall destruction - will be inspected by a Qualified Structural Engineer, Electricians and Plumber.

Let me assure you all that there was nothing further staff could have done to mitigate the onslaught.

The Committee and General Manager will keep members informed once a full assessment has been made and a plan formulated for restoration.

Chris Pooley

 pdf version could be downloaded here